Free Spanish Lessons 166 – Spanish tenses: Pret. Imperfecto Vs Pret. Indefinido – Videos 1 & 2


Spanish lesson #166: Spanish has some few more tenses than English. For example, there are two tenses that correspond to the English Simple Past: Pretérito Indefinido and Pretérito Imperfecto.

Ex. 1: Yo fui a ese restorán (I went to that restaurant). – Pret. Indefinido o Pasado Simple

Ex. 2: Yo iba a ese restorán (I went to that restaurant). – Pret. Imperfecto

In Example 2 the verb “iba” has the meaning of “used to”, and it usually indicates a situation in the past that has probably changed. So, the sentence should be translated as “I used to go to that restaurant”.

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