Free Spanish Lessons 182: Spanish tongue twisters 3


Spanish lesson #182: Today we’ll learn another Spanish tongue twister. This will be a fun way to train our Spanish pronunciation and to practice more complicated pronunciation that will help is “loosen” our tongue and become more fluent little by little. At the same time, this will be a method of learning new vocabulary in a way that will make it easier and less boring to learn. And it will help us to review some grammar, while I’ll be giving you more hints and tips about the Spanish language. I will continue introducing new tongue twisters on a regular basis in order to complement our Spanish learning.

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    • Hi Sheila. I’m glad that you are benefiting from them. Don’t miss the Spanish quizzes that go hand by hand with my free Spanish lessons. It’s important to practice so as not to stay just with a theoretical or abstract concept of Spanish. Good luck!

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