Lesson 10: Spanish question words (Videos 1 & 2)


Basic Spanish vocabulary: Spanish question words


As English has the famous “W” question words, Spanish also has a set of question words.

Spanish question words usually begin with “Q” or “C” (the K sound). This is generally so, although not necessarily always. Some question words like “por qué” (why) don’t.

In today’s class I will teach you the most fundamental Spanish question words. These are the ones you will come across with and have to use more often.

I will show you how each word is pronounced. And we’ll do some sentences to practice.

In brief, these will be the Spanish words we’ll learn in our video-lesson:

Qué (What)
Quién (Who)
Quiénes (Who Plural)
Cómo (How)
Cuánto (How much)
Cuántos / Cuántas (How many)
Por qué (Why)
Dónde (Where)
Adónde (Where to)
Cuándo (When)
Con quién (Whom with)

Con quién” is not actually a “question word” because it is two words. However, I thought to include it in our list nevertheless, because it is used very frequently.

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    Also, for pointing out groupings of words it makes them easier to recognize

    para que/con quien/ por que – why – (porque-because)

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