Lesson 15: Seasons, weather and months in Spanish (Vid. 1-3)


The names of the months in Spanish, the weather and the 4 seasons


Whenever we learn a new tongue, there are some lists of words that always are a must-learn in the very beginning of the course. Such as THE NUMBERS. The NAMES OF THE MONTHS IN SPANISH, the 4 seasons and the weather are a few of those topics that require us to learn a few new words early in our course.

The names of the months in Spanish

1: enero
2: febrero
3: marzo
4: abril
5: mayo
6: junio
7: julio
8: agosto
9: septiembre / setiembre
10: octubre
11: noviembre
12: diciembre

Las cuatro estaciones (the four seasons)

  • invierno (Winter)
  • primavera (Spring)
  • verano (Summer)
  • otoño (Autumn / Fall)

Sentences in Spanish

  • Ahora estamos en diciembre. (Now we are in December)
  • Ahora estamos en primavera. (Now we are in Spring-time)
  • Hoy es martes tres de diciembre. (Today is Tuesday, 3rd of December)
  • Hoy es un día nublado. (Today it is a cloudy day)
  • Llueve. (It rains)
  • Está lloviendo. (It is raining)
  • Hoy es un día soleado. (Today it is a sunny day)

Other Spanish words that may be relevant to the topic

  • alegre (joyful)
  • romántico/a (romantic)
  • caluroso (hot)
  • soleado (sunny)
  • húmedo (humid / damp)
  • seco (dry)
  • nublado (cloudy)

Also, I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Seasons, weather and months in Spanish) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 3 (lessons 13 – 19).

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