Subject pronouns in Spanish & main Spanish verbs – Spanish lesson 2

Subject pronouns in Spanish & Spanish verbs
Subject pronouns in Spanish & Spanish verbs. Explanations & Examples.

Subject Pronouns in Spanish and most important Spanish verbs


In this lesson I will talk about the subject pronouns in Spanish (Yo, Tú, Él/Ella, Nosotros, Vosotros/Ustedes, Ellos). This is a fundamental notion before we begin to learn how to conjugate, how to build sentences in Spanish, etc. So, this lesson can be one brick of the fundamentals.

While these older lessons are the basis on which the tests and Spanish quizzes are based, I suggest you to first watch the remake of the beginning of my free Spanish course. It is a much improved version. Later you can jump back to the older videos.

I will also mention the 4 most important and relevant Spanish verbs: ser (to be), estar (to be), haber (to have) and tener (to have).

In future lessons we will study these verbs in further detail. But here I will talk a bit about them and how and when they should be used.

You can find references and more on these verbs in these Spanish lessons:

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Lesson 075 – Verb HABER (Past Present Future)

Lesson 076 – Verb HABER (Past Present Future)

Lesson 077 – Verb TENER (to have) in Past Present Future

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Lesson 094 – Phrase of the day: Tener la culpa (to be to blame)

Lesson 119 – Tener que/Hay que (smbdy has to/one has to)

Lesson 126 – Verbs SER & ESTAR (to be): How and when to use each

Lesson 160 – Spanish verb TENER (to have)

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Lesson 284 – Alternative use of Spanish verb HABER (to be)

You can find a full list of all the video lessons by clicking on the List of Lessons tab on the Main Menu.

Although we will be focussing more on vocabulary and grammar, pay attention to the Spanish pronunciation in these video lessons, and remember to practice repeating the same words and sounds.

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  1. Great lessons. Very helpful
    Maybe a serial of lessons with frequent sentences used in a normal conversation. Just some scenarios.

    • Hi Mohammed. Thanks for your suggestion. I have uploaded a few lessons that include simple dialog and conversations. Like phone conversation, a typical dialog in a taxi, a simple conversation when we go shopping, and a few more. You can find them if you go to the List of Lessons. But I will take your advice and prepare some more. Kind regards.

    • Hi Somesh,

      Thanks for your positive comment! I hope you will continue finding these lessons useful. If there is a specific topic you would like me to talk about, you can send me your suggestion. In the meantime I’ll continue following the original plan. Good luck!

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