Lesson 21: Spanish verbs that end in IR (Videos 1 & 2)


Spanish verbs that end in IR (3rd category of Spanish verbs)


Spanish verbs are classified in 3 groups:

  1. Spanish verbs that end in AR
  2. Spanish verbs that end in ER
  3. Spanish verbs that end in IR

I have given you the rules on how to conjugate Spanish verbs that belong to the first two groups in the following previous lessons:

The 3rd group of Spanish verbs that we will learn today is the smallest of the three.

Here I will show you how to conjugate the following Spanish verbs from this 3rd group in the Simple Present. Note that any other regular Spanish verb will be conjugated using the same pattern that I will teach here.

Regular Spanish verbs


  • COMBATIR– to combat
  • PROHIBIR – to forbid
  • DECIDIR– to decide
  • SALIR – to go out / to come out – THIS IS AN IRREGULAR VERB


Verbo COMBATIR en PRESENTE SIMPLE (Simple Present)

Yo combato – I combat
Tú combates – you combat (informal)
Usted combate – you combat (formal)
Él/ella combate – he/she combats
Nosotros combatimos– we combat
Vosotros combatís – you combat (plural – this is the form used in Spain)
Ustedes combaten – you combat (plural – this is the form used in Latin-America)
Ellos combaten – They combat

Verbo PROHIBIR en PRESENTE SIMPLE (Simple Present)

Yo prohibo
Tú prohíbes
Usted prohíbe
Él/ella prohíbe
Nosotros prohibimos
Vosotros prohibís
Ustedes prohíben
Ellos prohíben

Verbo DECIDIR en PRESENTE SIMPLE (Simple Present)

Yo decido
Tú decides
Usted decide
Él/ella decide
Nosotros decidimos
Vosotros decidís
Ustedes deciden
Ellos deciden


Yo salgo (the “g” is responsible for the irregularity)
Tú sales
Usted sale
Él/ella sale
Nosotros salimos
Vosotros salís
Ustedes salen
Ellos salen


As you can see, the root of the Spanish verbs are in normal font, while the endings are all in bold letters.

Look how the pattern is the same regardless of the verb. The root verb that we are conjugating (without the IR ending) plus the ending, which is the same for every verb (depending on who the subject is). So, you need to learn the correct endings and you will be able to conjugate all the regular Spanish verbs.

Fortunately most Spanish verbs are regular 😀

Also, I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Spanish verbs that end with IR) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 4 (lessons 20 – 26).

You can find a full list of all the video lessons (including more on Spanish sentences)  by clicking on the List of Lessons tab on the Main Menu.

Although we will be focusing more on vocabulary and grammar, pay attention to the Spanish pronunciation in these video lessons, and remember to practice repeating the same words and sounds.

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