Lesson 244: Names of jobs in Spanish – Part 1


Names of jobs in Spanish (Spanish vocabulary lesson)


Along our course we need learn vocabulary as well as grammar and conversation. Today I want to start teaching you names of jobs in Spanish.

Since the list is rather long, this will be the first one of a series of lessons about this topic. If you’d like to continue learning more names of jobs in Spanish, you can jump to lesson 245 – Names of Jobs in Spanish (Part 2). In lesson 245 we will continue with our list.


The words we will be learning today are:

carpintero – carpenter
electricista – electrician
arquitecto – arquitect
músico – musician
cantante – singer
médico – doctor
enfermero – nurse
juez – judge / referee
fiscal – attourney
oficinista – clerk
policía – police-man
bombero – fire-man
albañil – mason
portero – janitor
vendedor – sales-man
empleado – employee
empleador – employer
dueño – owner
jefe – boss
supervisor / encargado– supervisor
gerente – manager
director – director
presidente – president / CEO
periodista / reportero – journalist
sastre – taylor
corredor de bolsa – stock broker


As you could see above, “sastre” is Spanish for “taylor”. And “desastre” is Spanish for “disaster”. Some “sastres” can make a true “de-sastre”. The word-game can be funny and appropriate.

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