Lesson 245: Names of jobs in Spanish – Part 2


Names of jobs in Spanish (Cont.) – Part 2

In our previous class I began to list some of the most common names of jobs in Spanish. It has a big list. But I felt that some few relevant words were still missing. So I made this class to finish the list we began in lesson 244.

The words we will be learning today are:

escribano – notary
contador – accountant
granjero – farmer
marinero – sailor
azafata – flight attendant
pintor – painter
soldado – soldier
sacerdote – priest
jardinero – gardener
diplomático – diplomat
cajero – cashier
recepcionista – receptionist
telefonista – phone-operator
deportista – athlete
atleta – athlete
empleada doméstica – maid
barrendero/a – street sweeper
limpiador/a – cleaner
peluquero – hair dresser
zapatero – cobbler
fotógrafo – photographer
masajista – masseur
maestro – teacher
profesor – teacher / professor
instructor – instructor
veterinario – vet
ingeniero – engineer
químico – chemist
oculista – ophthalmologist

Most of these words that end with letter “o” are for masculine, and should change to “a” for feminine. However, that is not necessarily the case with all the names of jobs in Spanish. For example: soldado (masculine and feminine) and masajista (masculine and feminine).

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    Siga adelante con sus videos pues son útiles.

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