Spanish Lesson 288: Spanish Ordinal Numbers


Spanish Ordinal Numbers are those we use when we describe the position of something or someone. It is not just the “one, two, three” (uno, dos, tres), but the “first, second, third” (primero, segundo, tercero).

So, we have:

Spanish Cardinal Numbers (we have seen that in lesson Nbr. 11 and lesson Nbr. 63)

Spanish Ordinal Numbers (here in this lesson)
In this lesson I will explain how Spanish ordinal numbers work, so you may add this new tool to your Spanish skills.

In Spanish, when the object the ordinal number is referring to is masculine, 1st and 3rd would be 1er and 3er. For all other cases or scenarios Spanish ordinal numbers would end with “o”: 1o, 2o, 3o, 4o, 5o, etc.

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