Lesson 3: Spanish pronunciation – Videos 1 – 5


Spanish pronunciation and phonetics- How to pronounce the right way


Spanish not only has some few sounds that are especially difficult for native English speakers to pronounce. The same thing goes to native Spanish speakers speaking English!

In addition to those tough-to-replicate sounds (typically Spanish pronunciation of letter R) there are some few combinations of letters that you may not guess how they should be pronounced unless you learnt them.

That is the reason why I chose to do this Spanish pronunciation lesson so early in our Spanish course. Obviously we will have many more Spanish pronunciation lessons to come. But I believe this first approach is very necessary.

In this lesson I’m showing how some particular letters that may have different sounds should be read and pronounced: R, RR, L, LL, G, Gu,Gü, Q, Qu, Y, W, Ca, Ce, Ch, H, X. I also give some examples at the end.

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  1. We put 2 dots above the u to pronounce “gue” instead of “ge”. What will we use if we want the “hue” sound?

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