Lesson 34: Spanish prepositions & Sentences in Spanish (Videos 1&2)


Sentences in Spanish using Spanish Prepositions


This class is the conclusion of lesson 33. Before jumping to some few Spanish sentences that will help you understand how our Spanish prepositions are used, lets review briefly what we have said in the previous class:

Prepositions are used to indicate and specify a relationship between two words.

Most common Spanish prepositions


  • arriba – up / upstairs
  • abajo – down / downstairs
  • encima – on
  • debajo – under
  • al lado – beside
  • enfrente – in front
  • detrás – behind
  • adentro – inside / indoors
  • en el medio– in the middle
  • afuera – outside / outdoors
  • dentro de – inside of
  • fuera de – outside of


Simple sentences using the aforementioned Spanish prepositions


  • Yo vivo en el piso de arriba – I live in the upper floor.
  • Ella vive en el piso de abajo – She lives in the lower floor.
  • El cenicero está encima de la mesa – The ashtray is on the table.
  • Los zapatos están debajo de la cama – The shoes are under the bed.
  • Los vasos están al lado de los platos – The glasses are beside the plates.
  • Él vive enfrente – He lives accross the street.
  • Las copas están detrás de los vasos – The cups/wine-glasses are behind the glasses.
  • Ven adentro – Come inside/indoors.
  • El bote está en medio del lago – The boat is in the middle of the lake.
  • El perro está afuera – The dog is outside/outdoors.
  • Dentro de media hora – In half an hour.
  • ¡Fuera de aquí! – Out of here!


Pay attention at my Spanish pronunciation when you watch the video-lesson.

I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Spanish sentences using Spanish prepositions) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 5 (lessons 27 – 34).

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