New Spanish Test Nbr. 2 (lessons 6 – 12)


I have recently uploaded a new Spanish Test.


Spanish Test Nbr. 2 covers lessons 6 – 12, and contains 15 questions:

  • 1 question where you have to select the correct answer
  • 14 questions where you have to write down the correct answer

When writing down you answers you have to pay special attention to the right punctuation.  Therefore, don’t forget to open-and-close question marks; use tildes whenever and wherever they go; begin new sentences with capital letters, and finish a sentence with a period (.). All this, of course, unless the contrary be specified in the question.

For example:

  • If the answer consists of a sentence, then you will have to begin with capital-case, and finish with a period
  • If the answer consists of just a word (not a sentence), then you are neither expected to use capitals, nor to finish with a period (.)

One last thing regarding this Spanish Test (and all others):

It is not an easy quiz, so don’t feel down if you fail, or if you don’t get the result you were expecting. I have designed simple, rational, but high-level quizzes to make students think and use that knowledge that may be hidden somewhere in the mind. Without using what we have learned, if fossilizes, and becomes useless. Therefore I believe this kind of quiz is the right thing to help you keep your skill fresher.

You can always return and complete the assessment as many times as you wish, until you get it right!

Good luck!

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