New Tab for online Spanish Quizzes


I have created a new tab called Spanish Quizzes, and I have added Quiz Nbr. 1 (lessons 1 – 5). To access go to:

Main Menu – Spanish Quiz – Select the assessment you are looking for

I will gradually add new assessments to this section. My goal is to have one Quiz for each one of the Compilations. And each one would cover the topics from the lessons contained in each 2 hour video.

I believe this is one of the main points where this Spanish course was lacking. I had been thinking of building some kind of test for the students to assess their learning. Some students messaged me suggesting me to do something of the like, so I gathered the motivation I was needing to work on it. I browsed for an appropriate tool that would let me build quizzes with all types of questions (not just multiple-choice like most of them), and when I finally found one, installed it and began learning how to use it, I realized that my blog’s Theme was conflicting with the tool. Therefore I had to change the Theme and design of the page (I guess you noticed that already).

If you open any of these online Spanish Quizzes you will realize how simple they are. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be easy. My purpose is to make students think and try use what was taught on my video-lessons. Knowledge that is not used fossilizes and becomes useless. So, good luck testing your Spanish!

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