Photos of Thailand – Traveling in Thailand and Indonesia


Dear students,

Since I’m currently traveling for one full month, and I wont be able to post on my blog so often, at least I want to share with you a few updates. English lessons, Spanish lessons and German lessons will keep on being published as regularly as always. I may just not update my blog so often, and I may also take a bit longer to reply everybody’s emails and questions.

My original trip plan:

  • Leaving on the 7th of October, to fly from Brasilia city (where I currently live) to Sao Paulo (Brazil). From there to Doha (Qatar), and from there to my final destination (Bangkok, Thailand). Total flight duration: about 36 hours
  • Leaving Bangkok on the 11th and heading to Chiang Mai (Thailand) by night-train (arriving on the 12th).
  • Leaving Chiang Mai on the 16th to Koh Samui, and then to Koh Pangan.
  • Doing a 4 days diving course, and then visiting some other islands.
  • On the 24th, fly to BKK and then to Bali (Indonesia)
  • From Bali, fly to Lombok and then take ferry to Komodo island. Spend a few days there. Then visit another island.
  • Visit Java
  • Do some volcano treks in Bali
  • Take flight back to Brasilia on the 7th of November.

As I am backpacking my plans are relatively open. Some things may change on the go. Nevertheless here are three of the very few pictures I took at some temples. And one that I took with a hiking friend I met at my hostel. He is a Dutch guy that’s traveling for almost a year, and who also loves hiking and adventures, like me. So we rented a motorbike and went to the jungle-side to explore some trails.



aprender-ingles-con-rodrigo-foto-chiang-mai-1 aprender-ingles-con-rodrigo-foto-bangkok-2 aprender-ingles-con-rodrigo-foto-bangkok-1


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