Spanish lesson 5: Spanish Subject Pronouns & Spanish Pronunciation

Spanish subject pronouns & Spanish pronunciation

Spanish Subject Pronouns & Spanish Pronunciation – Per some student’s initiative, I decided to remake the 1st part of my Free Spanish Course. The many first Spanish lessons will be recorded and posted again with a better video-quality and more in-depth details.

Spanish Subject Pronouns & Spanish Pronunciation

In this video-class I will explain each one of the Spanish subject pronouns in a simple and thorough manner. In Spanish lessons 5 and 6 I will focus on these pronouns, their details, nuances and insights that will help you understand when how and why each one is used.

I will also focus on Spanish pronunciation and phonetics. I will continue explaining how to pronounce in Spanish for you become familiar with Spanish phonetics.

In our Spanish lesson Nbr. 6 I will explain the difference between the formal and the informal pronouns. The formal and the informal way of addressing somebody. And also the different pronouns that are usually used in one Spanish speaking region or another.

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