Spanish lessons 300: Spelling in Spanish


Lets practice spelling in Spanish


Did it ever happen to you that after learning a lot of grammar and vocabulary you then realize you can’t put all this into practice when you need to speak? This happens to absolutely everyone that is learning a new language. One one hand this is due to lack of practice. On the other hand, your mouth-muscles aren’t still used to pronouncing the words and sounds of this new tongue. That is why I believe this brief practice on spelling in Spanish will be helpful and useful to practice on two fronts:

  • Pronunciation of Spanish sounds
  • sharpen your oral skills

Spelling in Spanish requires that you know the Spanish alphabet well. That you handle the names of each letter easily in order to speak them aloud spontaneously. This also means that you know how each letter is pronounced. However, sometimes we know how something is pronounced, but we can’t necessarily repeat it aloud as well as we remember it should be said. Therefore, spelling in Spanish is a great chance to practice and speed up your pronunciation skills.

If you still have any doubts or questions regarding the Spanish alphabet or the name or pronunciation of any letter, please watch my Spanish lesson Nbr. 1 (Spanish alphabet and pronunciation) first before moving on to the present Spelling in Spanish Class.

I always insist that our brain becomes lazy when we don’t practice. Therefore, I strongly recommend my students to click on the Spanish Quizzes tab and practice as much as they can with these Free Spanish tests.

Remember that you can find a full list of all the Spanish lessons by clicking on the List of Lessons tab on the Main Menu. You can study Spanish lessons in order, or jump to the topic you are looking for.

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