Spanish Lessons 88 – 101 (Compilation #10)


Spanish lessons Nbr. 88 – 101
(Compilation Nbr. 10)


This new series of Spanish lessons consists basically of these three topics:

  • Spanish pronunciation
  • Names of Spanish relatives and family members
  • Useful and fundamental Spanish vocabulary
  • Spanish conjunctions


Little by little I’m managing to compile the vast amount of topics and tutorials into these series of compiled Spanish lessons. Each one of these has a corresponding Test or Quiz that will help you to practice and to find out how much you are learning.

I have put a lot of effort, good-will and enthusiasm in this program, and I’m certain that if you follow this course from the beginning, apply yourself and do all the Spanish Tests after finishing each series, you will finish with a pretty good level.

As for conversational Spanish, it’s very important that you practice. You have to train your conversation skills, and your hearing. In relation to this, I recommend my students to take a look at Lesson 218 – Tips for learning Spanish – Videos 1 & 2

This video contains the following Spanish lessons:


  • Lesson 88: hambre/sed/comer/beber (hungry/thirsty/eat/drink) – Sentences
  • Lesson 89: Fácil Vs. difícil (easy Vs. difficult)
  • Lesson 90: Phonetics – Pronunciation letters G and J
  • Lesson 91: Phonetics – Pronunciation letters I and Y
  • Lesson 92: Phonetics – Pronunciation letters Q and K
  • Lesson 93: Phonetics – Pronunciation letter H
  • Lesson 94: Phrase of the day: Tener la culpa (to be to blame)
  • Lesson 95: Adverb adjective DEMASIADO (too)
  • Lesson 96: Adverb adjective DEMASIADO (too) – Sentences
  • Lesson 97: Names of Family Members Part 3
  • Lesson 98: Names of Family Members Part 3 – Sentences
  • Lesson 99: Conditional Conjunctions
  • Lesson 100: Spanish conjunctions “y/e” “o/u” “ni”
  • Lesson 101: Verb ABRIR in Past Present Future Imperative

Remember that you can find a full list of all the Spanish lessons by clicking on the List of Lessons tab on the Main Menu.

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