Spanish Listening Comprehension

Here I will be adding series of Spanish listening comprehension quizzes and audios. I began doing it for my English course and it was pretty successful. Some of my Spanish students were asking me to post more Spanish exercises to practice their listening. I believe this will be a good first approach.

Don’t see them as exams, because they are not. Your answers will be corrected automatically, and you will get the results and corrections online a few seconds after clicking on the button “SHOW RESULTS”. But nobody will be judging you by the result. It’s only for you. It’s for you to practice and mainly help you take-in the concepts that have been learning throughout my Spanish lessons.

You will find the quiz difficult. But it has been smartly designed to push you to think, remember and use all that you have learnt. And even if you cannot figure out the correct answer, I assure you that you will leave knowing more, and with a more solid knowledge.

Each link will open the corresponding page with the Audio and the Quiz.

Spanish Listening Comprehension quizzes: