Spanish online classes 126 – 137: Take the Quiz today!


Spanish online classes Nbr. 126 – 137
(Compilation Nbr. 13)



I have just uploaded another great compilation of Spanish online classes. I will keep you posted to let you know when I upload the Spanish Quiz Nbr. 13 that will include exercises matching all the present topics.

This video contains the following Spanish online classes:


  • Lesson 126: Verbs SER & ESTAR (to be): How and when to use each
  • Lesson 127: False friends/False cognates – Class 1
  • Lesson 128: False friends/False cognates 2
  • Lesson 129: False Friends / False cognates 3
  • Lesson 130: Conjugating regular verbs: Simple Present
  • Lesson 131: Conjugating regular verbs: Simple Past
  • Lesson 132: Conjugating the Spanish regular verbs: Simple Future
  • Lesson 133: Conjugating the regular verbs: Future 2
  • Lesson 134: Conjugating the regular verbs: Present Continuous
  • Lesson 135: Conjugation tense: Pretérito Imperfecto del Indicativo
  • Lesson 136: Conjugation tense: Spanish Imperative in the Affirmative
  • Lesson 137: Conjugation tense: Imperativo Negativo


Remember that you can find a full list of all the Spanish lessons by clicking on the List of Lessons tab on the Main Menu. You can study Spanish lessons in order, or jump to the topic you are looking for.

To enlarge the video-screen to full-size, click on the right icon on the lower right corner of the video.

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