Spanish prepositions – Lesson 302: The Spanish preposition EN


Spanish prepositions: The Spanish preposition EN


“En” is one of the most used and helpful Spanish prepositions that you should learn how to use . Most of the times “en” can be used as much as all three English prepositions “in”, “at”, and “on” together. Therefore, this one word could help you in the making of many different kinds of sentences in Spanish.


Spanish prepositions: Examples using Spanish preposition “en”


  • Esto está en la internet – This is in the internet
  • El libro está en la caja – The book is in the box
  • Estamos en el parque – We are at the park
  • Estoy sentado en el sofá – I’m sitting on the sofa
  • Jorge está en la casa de Juan – Jorge is at Juan’s home
  • Ella está en el baño – She is in the toilet
  • El cuadro está en la pared – The picture is on the wall


As you can see in some of these examples, we can use the Spanish preposition “en” as a generic preposition even in cases where another preposition would be somewhat more specific. Like for example when we use “en” to mean “on”:

  • El cuadro está en al pared.

We could use the preposition “sobre” (on) instead, and it would be more “specific”. However, the Spanish preposition “en” is still correct. This is similar to using the English verb “to make” instead of “to build” to say “he is making a house”; or to say “I’m making a cake”, instead of saying “I am baking a cake”.

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