Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1 – Lessons 1 – 5

Spanish Quiz 1 relates to the 1st series of lessons



Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1 includes exercises from all the topics covered in our lessons 1 – 5 (or Compilation 1). Here you will find multiple-choice questions, option-selection questions and questions where you have to write your answer. In those which are multiple-choice you can get negative points by checking the wrong boxes. There are 10 questions in total.

The total points for Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1 is 55.

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1. Select the correct option:

Which sentence means “I am fine/well“.


2. Choose the correct answer:

Which sentence corresponds to “You are Carlos“?


3. Choose all the correct answers:

Which sentence/s means “You (pl.) are in trouble” .


4. Select all the correct answers:

Which words have the hard/rough/rolling sound of the “R“?


5. Select all the right answers:

Which words have a mute “U” (“u” isn’t pronounced)?


6. Select all the correct answers:

Mark all the words where letter “y” is pronounced the same as the Spanish “i“.


7. Write down “please” using only lower-case letters.

8. Using the formal “you”, which is the sentence that means “How are you?”


9. Using only lower-case letters write down “good evening / good night” in Spanish

10. Select all the small dialogs that have some segment that doesn’t make sense:




  1. I am enjoying every single moment listening and studying and writing notes with your classes, you have strong carisma in teaching and the power to send the nformation easly to my brain plus you work with passion and that make the work is lovely and interesting as you send me positive energy to study. I would need your advise how to keep the notes in my mind all the day shall I keep repeating or keep listening (how to memorize?) gracias.

  2. Hi Rodrigo,
    I just wanna say thank you so much for sharing your great teaching and assessment skills.I am learning a lot.

  3. Dear Mr.Rodrigo
    This is Vivek I am from India and i know 4 languages (Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil)
    I have joined the Cervantes institute for learning Spanish, and on Youtube i have been following your lectures
    Your teaching is very accessible and i have improved a lot in learning the language
    I really thank you for the effort
    I have one question
    Why is there so much thrust on gender in Romantic languages
    Why is gender so important that we have to inject it in inanimate objects too
    And why is it not that important in English?

  4. just want tell you tank you very much for this greit job and well teachin. thnx to you that i can littl bit spanish now.. gracias

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