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List of Spanish Quizzes for the online Spanish course


I have created this section called Spanish Quizzes to start adding Spanish tests for those following the video-lessons. These Spanish Quizzes will be only for personal assessment, and I will not be providing any kind of certificate or diploma; at least so far.

Several Spanish as well as English students had been asking me to try implement something of the kind so they could test their learning. And I believe this is one of the main point that this course was lacking.

Don’t be shy to take any of these tests if you have already watched its corresponding video-lesson. The result is for your own educational purpose, and you wont lose anything by failing. But you will be able to test your Spanish knowledge and determine whether you have learnt enough of what was being taught on the lessons, or may perhaps need to review some topics.

I would describe these Spanish Quizzes as simple, but not necessarily easy.  That is because, knowing that you wont lose anything by failing, I want you to get an honest and actual idea of how much you learnt from the video-lessons. That said, I assure you that all the questions and exercises from each assessment has been taught or explained along the Spanish lessons to which the test is associated.


Full List of Spanish Quizzes published to date



  1. Hi Rodrigo,

    So nice of you to offer these free classes. I want to learn Spanish very seriously, and I think your classes can help me get there soon : ) Please can we have more practice questions? The quizzes are nice, but I feel I need a lot more practice to really test my knowledge. Is there anything like that for us?

    Muchas Gracias

    • Hello Ana. Sorry for the late reply. I have recently returned from one of my trips, and I’m still catching-up with old emails. I will soon start to post audios in Spanish of the like I have already began doing for my English course. These audios will have their own set of questions and exercises. They have been very successful for English learners, and I’m sure they will be as well for my English speaking students that want to learn Spanish. In addition to that, I will continue adding more Spanish quizzes that go hand-by-hand with my Spanish lessons. I have many ideas for practicing and training, but just need the time to implement them 🙂

  2. Kudos for doing this, programming the answer processing is not trivial. Maybe you could show how much you scored each answer as well as the total score. Greetings from Finland.

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