Spanish Review Nbr. 4


Spanish Review: Lessons 2 and 22

Hi Spanish fans! I hope you are improving and getting the tools to understand and make your own sentences. Don’t forget to practice aloud, because some sounds are difficult to replicate by English speakers and they require practice (in the same way that Spanish speakers have such a hard time to pronounce correctly in English). Today we’ll have another Spanish review of some previous lessons to bring old concepts back into mind.

Remember that in Spanish all the words begin with lower-case, except given names and first word of a sentence. There word “YO” (I) doesn’t have to begin with capital.

Pronombres posesivosPossessive pronouns

Mi, tu, su, nuestro, vuestro/su, su – My, your, his/her/it’s, ours, your, their


Con – with

Sin – without

Por – for/by

Para – for

De – of

A – to

Que – that (however, “qué“, with a tilde, means “what”)

De qué – What of

Para quién – for whom

Para qué – what for

A quién – to whom

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