Spanish Test Nbr. 5 – Lessons 27 – 34

Spanish Test 5 relates to the 5th series of lessons

Spanish Test Nbr. 5 includes exercises from all topics covered in lessons 27 – 34 (or Compilation Nbr. 5).

The topics covered are the following:

Lesson 27 – Colors in Spanish (Videos 1 & 2)
Lesson 28 – Talk about the weather in Spanish (Videos 1 & 2)
Lesson 29 – Spanish prepositional pronouns (Videos 1 & 2)
Lesson 30 – Spanish possessive pronouns (Videos 1 & 2)
Lesson 31 – Spanish questions and answers: Why Because (Por qué Porque) (Videos 1 & 2)
Lesson 32 – Countable and uncountable in Spanish: Many – Plenty (Videos 1 & 2)
Lesson 33 – Spanish Prepositions
Lesson 34 – Prepositions in Spanish (Cont.) (Videos 1 & 2)

This test has in total 15 questions. In all questions you have to write down your answer.

Maximum points for this quiz is 75 (each question earning 5 points or less). Once you have completed the test, and hit the “Show Result” button, after a few seconds you will get the result, with the points you earned, and the correct answer for each question.

It is a simple quiz, but not necessarily an easy one; I can assure you! I want you to get an honest perception of how much you have learned, and whether you may need to review the lessons or not. Nevertheless, you can take the test as many times as you will, until you get it right!

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Good luck!

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1. Please translate the following sentence to Spanish:

These presents are for them.

2. Please translate the following sentence to Spanish:

These black glasses are mine.

3. Please translate the following phrase to Spanish:

This is my brown T-shirt (camiseta).

4. Please translate the following question to Spanish:

This brown T-shirt (camiseta) is mine.

5. Translate the following sentence to Spanish:

This brown T-shirt is for me.

6. Please translate to Spanish:

My things (cosas) are outside the box (caja).

7. Please translate to Spanish:

Juan lives (vive) across-the-street (in-front).

8. Please write the following sentence in Spanish:

I feel very cold.

9. Please write the following sentence in Spanish:

Many boys and many girls do many things and play with plenty of water and plenty of fire.

(the purpose of this question is to practice countable/uncountable. Therefore, forget about comas, and other details. Just translate the sentence as it is)

do = hacer (hacen)
things = cosas
play = jugar (juegan)
water = agua
fire = fuego

10. Please write the following sentence in Spanish:

Today the weather is very dry.

11. Talking about the weather, please translate the following sentence to Spanish using the proper verb:

The sky is blue.

12. Please write the following sentence in Spanish:

How is the weather today?  (leave the “today” word at the end, so the Quiz tool can compare your answer with it’s correct answers)

13. As per our lesson about the weather, please write the following sentence in Spanish:

Outside it is very windy.

14. As per our lesson about the weather, please write the following sentence in Spanish:

Outside there is plenty of wind. (Although this sentence is awkward in English, it is not in Spanish. Please translate using the same structure).

15. Please translate the following sentences in Spanish (Write down both answers separated just by a SPACE, like with the questions below):

Why do you eat so much? Because I am very hungry.

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