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Spanish videos with subtitles

Those loyal students who have been following my Spanish course for a long time are well aware of how much emphasis I put on Spanish grammar. I truly believe that grammar is the basis for learning any new language. Its like with the foundations for a house. It is true that children learn without knowing any grammar since they are babies. But it is also true that they don’t really learn their language well until they learn some grammar. And it is even more true that we are no  children anymore. What works with children doesn’t work with adults, because we have a fully developed personality that questions everything. And therefore WE WANT RULES! WE WANT TO KNOW WHY WHY WHY!

Enough bla bla bla. It’s time to focus a bit more on speaking and listening from now on.

In our next Spanish lessons you will see that I will be publishing videos with more spoken Spanish, Spanish conversations, more explanations in Spanish, and even some Spanish listening-comprehension and Spanish reading-comprehension videos. How will this work? I will be recording the videos, add some subtitles and maybe even some translation, and then I will publish a new Spanish quiz with exercises regarding that video.

These Spanish videos with subtitles will be more focused on  spoken Spanish. I’m sure they will help you significantly, because we cannot actually learn a new language well without practice. Because even if we memorize all the grammar rules, and all the vocabulary (which would be still great), we wouldn’t really be able to handle a real conversation if we haven’t practiced. We need to listen, understand, and build many, many sentences.

The present video below is actually a class from my English course for Spanish speakers. However, I have been adding some subtitles and translation notes (on the right hand side of the screen), and maybe you’d like to take a see and check how much you can grasp from what I’m saying.

In Spanish we say “la práctica hace al maestro”. Literally that is “practice makes (one) a master”. I’m sure there is a saying like that in English, although with a different wording.

I will be adding this one and many other Spanish videos with subtitles to the List of lessons or Index.

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