Speaking in Spanish #308 (with SUBTITLES and Translation)


Speaking in Spanish
Listening Comprehension


In the present Spanish video-lesson you will hear me speaking in Spanish about a hypothetical meal had at a restaurant. The idea is to talk, for you to listen and train your hearing.

At the bottom of the video you will find the subtitles where you will be able to read all that I am saying in English and in Spanish. And on the right hand side you will see text boxes with the translation (from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English).

In order to see these text boxes you need access either my blog or YouTube from a computer. Unfortunately, if you use your mobile phone you will be able to see the subtitles but not the text boxes with the translation.

If you play the video and you don’t see the subtitles as I speak, then you may have to ENABLE SUBTITLES. To do this simply click on the “CC” button on the bottom-right corner of the video-screen (not right on the corner, but towards the right).

I will continue publishing this type of video-lessons with subs and translation when speaking in Spanish and in English. I’ll be doing this for my English and Spanish courses. My students from either course will be able to watch any video-lesson to train and practice.

In addition to this, I will soon start publishing exercises based on these videos lessons as well.

I will be adding this one and many other Spanish videos with subtitles to the List of lessons or Index.

You can find a full list of all the video lessons by clicking on the List of Lessons tab on the Main Menu.

To enlarge the video-screen to full-screen size, click on the icon on the lower right corner of the video.


  1. Hi Rodrigo,

    The Spanish videos with subtitles is greatl idea.
    Just a day ago I was searching youtube for Spanish films with english subtitles.
    Is it the first? because I didn’t find on your page more of those.


  2. Dear Teacher,

    Thank you so very much for your kind and generousity in providing the Spanish class for the beginner like me. Should you need any assistance (if it happens to be in Thailand.), please don’t hesitate to contact me for whatever you may require. Thank you so very much again.

    From your student,

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