Spanish lesson 316: Vosotros Vs. Ustedes – Tú Vs. Usted


Spanish Pronouns for YOU

(Plural and Singular – Formal and Informal)

Many native English speakers get very confused with the 4 different subject pronouns they learn for the 2nd person in Spanish. While in English they only use the pronoun YOU.

Let me put it very simple and easy for your:

  • tú – singular-informal for YOU
  • usted – singular-formal for YOU
  • vosotros  – plural-informal for YOU (only used in most of Spain)
  • ustedes – In most of Spain: plural-formal for YOU
  • ustedes – In all the rest of the Spanish speaking countries and regions: Plural YOU (formal and informal)

Alright. Now, if it’s hard for you to remember in which region people would use one or another, relax. Choose the one want. No Spanish speaker has ever had any trouble to communicate in Spanish when visiting another country. But if you plan to come to Latin-America sometime, maybe the best bet would be to use just USTEDES for the plural. The thing is, in Spain everybody will understand USTEDES. But in some Latin-American countries many will not understand VOSOTROS.

You will understand this more clearly in the video-lesson.

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