YouTube Silver Play Button – YouTube Award to Learning with Rodrigo


YouTube Silver Play Button

YouTube Award to Learning with Rodrigo


Dear students and followers. In this posting I wanted to share with all of you the recognition that I was awarded by YouTube. I owe this to all of you, and I thank you for having subscribed to my channel, for having commented, for having followed me, and for having recommended my lessons to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

You are the reason why I was awarded this prize, and I’m so happily sharing this with you.

YouTube awards are:

  • YouTube Silver Button – 100,000 subscribers
  • Youtube Gold Play Button – 1,000,000 subscribers
  • YouTube Diamond Play Button – 10,000,000 subscribers

Now our next goal is the YouTube Gold Play Button. These awards were never my goal. I wasn’t even aware that they existed. But now I’m so excited that I’m looking forward to the next great achievement! 😀

In the present video I’m speaking in Spanish, but the letter that I received from YouTube together with the reward is in English. And I’m, therefore, reading it in English.

Try practice your listening with this video. And please: Share with your friends, and keep recommending my channel! 😀

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