Spanish Test Nbr. 3 – Lessons 13 – 19

Spanish Test 3 relates to the 3rd series of lessons


Spanish Test Nbr. 3 includes exercises from all topics covered in lessons 13 – 19 (or Compilation Nbr. 3). This quiz has in total 12 questions that require writing the correct answer. Every answer consists of a short sentence, where you are required to begin with capital-case and finish with a period (.).

This assessment has a total of 60 points (each question earning 5 points or less). Once you have completed the test, and hit the “Show Result” button, after a few seconds you will get the result, with the points you earned, and the correct answer for each question.

Like the previous ones, this is a simple quiz, but not necessarily an easy one; I can assure you! I want you to get an honest perception of how much you have learned, and whether you may need to review the lessons or not. Nevertheless, you can take the test as many times as you will, until you get it right!

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Good luck!

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1. Please translate the following sentence into Spanish (use the right punctuation mark at the end of the sentence, and only use upper-case when necessary):

That gentleman has an apple (manzana).

2. In the previous exercise we used an indefinite article for “apple”. Please rewrite that sentence in Spanish using a definite article this time:

3. Please rewrite the following sentence in Spanish:

These boys want those things (cosas).

4. Please translate the following sentence into Spanish:

This woman has five books.

5. Please translate the following sentence into Spanish:

This Summer is hot.

6. Please translate the following sentence into Spanish:

We are in October.

7. Please translate the following question into Spanish:

Right now it is raining.

8. Please rewrite the following sentence in Spanish:

This Spring it is cloudy
The Spanish noun for Spring is feminine.
The Spanish noun for weather (clima) is masculine.

9. Please rewrite the following sentence in Spanish (write down the number with letters; don’t use figures):

Today is Wednesday, 3rd of January.

10. Please rewrite the following sentence in Spanish:

We drink coffee (café) and they eat cake (torta).

11. When going to the market, how would you ask?

How much does this (esto) cost?

12. As a reply to the previous question, translate:

It costs 15 pesos (write the number in letters).


  1. Hi, I have a question for you: I am wondering why while you are teaching us Spanish you write all the letters in Capital but now for the exam because I replied to all the questions in capital letter, they are all wrong. Do people write spanish in capital letters o small?
    Thank you,

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