How to speak Spanish 312: What comes next (SUBTITLED)


How to speak Spanish
What comes next

I just returned from my last trip. This time I spent 1 month in Thailand and Indonesia. That is why I missed a few updates and publications on my blog. I’ll try to make up for it by posting some nice pictures 🙂  But now I want to tell you what will come next in our Spanish course.

As I have mentioned before, in order to learn how to speak Spanish or any other language, it is a must that you practice a lot. Just the abstract or theoretical learning will not do. How many times have you seen people you believe they know a lot of a foreign language, but when they are face to face and need to use what they think they know, they stand frozen turkey and can’t build one sentence!

This is what typically happens when you only study but don’t practice. This is the reason why I created  the section for the Spanish quizzes in my website. And I believe these tests and quizzes are outstanding! I designed them myself to force you to think and use all that you have studied. And I truly believe that each time you do one of my quizzes you will be better at Spanish!

But I believe that more practice still is recommended. That is why I plan to publish soon a series of exercises based on audios, in the same manner that I began doing a few months ago for my English course for Spanish speakers.

This series of exercises has been a success in English course, and I believe they will also be a huge success in my Spanish course.

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