Countable and Uncountable in Spanish (Spanish lesson 8)

All you need to know about COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE in Spanish

Countable and Uncountable in Spanish – Per some student’s initiative, I decided to remake the 1st part of my Free Spanish Course. The many first Spanish lessons will be recorded and posted again with a better video-quality and more in-depth details.

Countable and Uncountable in Spanish

In the present video you will learn all you need to know about Countable and Uncountable in Spanish. I will support my explanations with simple and helpful sentences for you to clearly understand when and how it is used.

  • MUCHO/A = plenty, much
  • MUCHOS/AS = many
  • POCO/A = little
  • POCOS/AS = few
  • CUÁNTO/A = how much
  • CUÁNTOS/AS = how many
  • UN MONTÓN = a lot, a bunch
  • HAY = there is, there are

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