Free Spanish Lessons 89 – Fácil Vs. difícil (easy Vs. difficult)


Spanish lesson #89: In this lesson we’ll practice some sentences using “fácil” and “difícil” (“easy” and “difficult”).

Although we are focussing more on vocabulary and grammar, pay attention to the Spanish pronunciation of these video lessons, and remember to practice repeating the same words and sounds.

To make the video-screen larger, click on the right icon on the lower right corner of the video.


  1. Hi Rodrigo, These words are ones I have difficulty pronouncing. I want to pronounce them with the “L” sound on the ends. I notice Spanish speakers leave it off, or am I not hearing it? Good job on your classes. Thanks Joe

    • Hello Joe. Actually, the final L is pronounced. But your perception is right is certain sense. Because Spanish is not as keen on consonants as English. This comparison is something that only someone that speaks both languages will be able to acknowledge. But, you have probably noticed that native Spanish speakers have a hard time pronouncing consonants as clearly and defined as they should be.

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