Lesson 25: Spanish verbs QUERER & IR (to want & to go)


Spanish verbs QUERER and IR


Spanish verb “querer” (to want) and “ir” (to go) belong to different groups of verbs. The first one belongs to the verbs that end in “er” and the second one to the verbs that end in “ir”. Both are very important verbs that will increase our capacity of building new sentences once we learn how to conjugate them.

In some of our previous lessons I mentioned the 4 most fundamental Spanish verbs: SER, HABER, ESTAR and TENER.
If we had a 5th and a 6th most fundamental Spanish verbs, these would be the Spanish verbs QUERER and IR.

Spanish verbs QUERER and IR have a function and meaning of themselves. The simple and straightforward function that any other verb has. That is: “to want” and “to go”. As simple as that!

But, these two very important Spanish verbs have these other additional functions as well:

QUERER is a modal verb. That is why it is so important. Modal verbs are those verbs that can be followed by other verbs.

IR is also a auxiliary verb, and in some cases also works as a modal verb.

Examples with Spanish verb QUERER:


  • Quiero comer (I want to eat)
  • Quiero correr (I want to run)
  • Ella quiere almorzar ahora (She wants to have lunch now)
  • Ellos querían ir (They wanted to go)
  • Queríamos irnos (We wanted to leave).

As you can see in the sentences above, the verb QUERER (verb TO WANT in Spanish) is followed by another verb. This is what makes Modal Verbs so special and unique. You cannot do this, for example, with the verb “to run”. We cannot say, for example: I run to eat. Or, if we do, we know that it is incorrect 😀

Of course, Spanish verb QUERER can be also used like a any other verb.

Like this:

  • Quiero una manzana (I want an apple)
  • Quiero más (I want more)
  • No quiero más (I don’t want anymore)
  • Queremos comida (We want food)
  • Él quiere un nuevo teléfono celular (He wants a new cell-phone)
  • Lo quiero (I wan it/him)
  • La quiero (I want it/her)


Examples with Spanish verb IR

  • Voy a comer una manzana – I am going to eat an apple
  • Elloas fueron a buscar sus cosas – They went to get their things
  • ¡Vamos a correr! – Lets run!
  • Vamos a correr – We are going to run
  • Esto va bien – This is going well
  • Voy hablando por celular – I’m (on the move) talking on the mobile

In the video-lesson that is below (3 videos) try to listen to the pronunciation.

Also, I recommend all my students that follow my online courses to do the exams that I upload to my website. The topic of this lesson (Spanish verbs QUERER & IR) is included in Spanish Quiz Nbr. 4 (lessons 20 – 26).

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