Spanish Lesson Review Nbr. 5


Spanish Lesson Review 5: Lessons 6 and 15

Hi Spanish lovers. Today I’ll be posting another Spanish lesson review. This review will be about some vocabulary that we learnt in some previous lessons: the days of the week, the moths of the year, and some few other words that we’ll keep using in our following lessons and that you better be familiar with.

Divisiones del tiempoTime division

Segundo, minuto, hora, día, semana, mes, año – second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year

Anteayer, ayer, hoy, mañana, pasado mañana – the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow

Los día de la semanaThe days of the week

Lunes – Monday

Martes – Tuesday

Miércoles – Wednesday

Jueves – Thursday

Viernes – Friday

Sábado – Saturday

Domingo – Sunday

Los meses del añoThe months of the year

Enero – January

Febrero – February

Marzo – March

Abril – April

Mayo – May

Junio – June

Julio – July

Agosto – August

Setiembre – September

Octubre – October

Noviembre – November

Diciembre – December

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