Study Spanish 259: Tongue twisters in Spanish 25


Tongue twisters in Spanish – Nbr. 25


Tongue twisters in Spanish come into play when trying to improve our pronunciation and fluency. I have mentioned before that in order to speak, you need more than simply knowing. You need lots of practice. And when speaking a foreign tongue, with roots so different from one’s own, this is even more so.

While English is a Germanic tongue, Spanish is Latin. This means that  whenever a Spanish speaker tries o speak in English, he will surely have a hard time pronouncing a huge number of sounds.

The same things goes the other way around. English speakers also need to practice a lot in order to be able to pronounce Spanish words using Spanish sounds and pronunciation.

Unfortunately, we can ONLY achieve this by practicing.

Tongue twisters are phrases or phrases that are designed exactly to challenge our pronunciation and fluentness. Therefore, tongue twisters in Spanish will be an excellent tool in order to challenge our pronunciation skills and get better and better each time.

I have chosen the best tongue twisters in Spanish that I know. Some of them I had to search for, because I had forgotten. And along this series I am introducing tongue twisters in Spanish gradually: beginning with the easiest ones, and gradually introducing more difficult ones.

Eventually we should be able to say the toughest and most complicated ones aloud and impress everybody around us (Really!!??).

For today’s tongue twisters in Spanish lesson, here’s our Nbr. 25:

Le echa la leche al café
para hacer café con leche.
Para hacer leche con café,
¿qué hace falta que le eche?

English translation:

He/she pours the milk to the coffee
in order to make coffee-and-milk.
To make (prepare) milk with coffee,
what needs be poured?


  • echa – pours (from verb “echar” to pour)
  • leche – milk
  • café – coffee
  • para – for / in order to
  • hacer – to make / to prepare
  • con – with
  • qué – what
  • que – that
  • hacer falta – needs be done / is lacking

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